Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be thought of as ‘The Art and Science of Excellence’ or the ‘Study of Subjective Experience’. However you describe it, NLP is a master tool, used widely in almost all walks of life, as a key to using your brain effectively and efficiently.

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Experienced in delivering NLP training regionally, nationally, and internationally, I am part of the assistant training team supporting Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP) in his European trainings. I also work with the Society’s of NLP’s Education Team, working closely with Kate Benson (International Director of Education).

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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) can be thought of as ‘The Art and Science of Excellence’ or the ‘Study of Subjective Experience’. However you describe it, NLP is a master tool, used widely in almost all walks of life, as a key to using your brain effectively and efficiently. 

The early days of NLP, are elegantly described in The Secrets of Happiness, Bandler and Thomson (2011):

“During the 1970s two young American researchers, Richard Bandler and John Grinder became curious about the failure of most psychologists to help their patients make real change in their lives. Instead of digging deeper into the possible causes of human problems, they looked for and found a scattering of therapists throughout the country who, unlike their orthodox colleagues, were consistently and sometimes dramatically successful.

By studying (modelling) in minute detail the communication styles of each therapist, they discovered that these professionals used certain patterns combining verbal and non-verbal communication. These combinations appeared to have profoundly positive effects on their clients. Interestingly, the therapists they were studying shared many of the (often unconscious) patterns, even though there approaches were very different on the surface.

Curious as to whether it was this or some other unidentified quality shared by these elite therapists that triggered such dramatic change, the young scientists refined and tested these patterns on a large number of volunteers. The results were almost magical and their results produced dramatic shifts within the human potential movement of the time. As understanding and experimentation grew, these discoveries began to challenge some of the most dearly held psychological ‘truths’ (such as change is difficult and takes time). In a short time, these findings blossomed into what is arguably one of the simplest and most effective self-help fields of our time.”

Natural evolution (over 40 years) of the original models now permeate most aspects of human communication, notably business, medicine, education, therapy and sport. Licensed training takes place globally and the originators, Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder, are still extremely active in continuing to develop further exciting models of human excellence.

The more effective your internal processing, the more rewarding and enjoyable your life can be.

Working assumptions for simpler life

Our beliefs drive our behaviour, so it is important to check in from time to time, with the assumptions we make every day. NLP offers us a set of principles to live by, referred to as the NLP presuppositions – working assumptions we choose to live by and be guided by…

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  • Kay is the most enthusiastic, energetic and smart student I have had on ‘Teaching Excellence’. She impressed me so much that I immediately brought her into our team of leading edge trainers. She has a wealth of experience to share and I highly recommend you train with her.
    Kate BensonInternational Director of Education – Society of NLP
  • Kay’s NLP course has been the most interesting and useful training course of my 23 year career.
    A M IanzitoNLP Master Practitioner
  • I would thoroughly recommend NLP training, and Kay delivered this fantastically. The use of NLP has already helped me at work as well as personally, and I cannot wait to put more if it into practice.
    Kerry TipperNLP Practitioner
  • I first met Kay as a fellow delegate on a training course in NLP and hypnosis where her great communication skills soon became apparent, as did her knowledge of human behaviour and general health matters. I have seen first-hand Kay’s capability in helping people to clarify and achieve new goals. She is someone with great integrity and I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone wishing to make positive changes in their life.
    Dr Jo WaddellGP
  • I completed a ME Group NLP Practitioner course which was brilliantly designed and delivered by Kay and her colleagues. Kay is a real expert in all aspects of NLP and she is passionate about the ideas behind NLP and how they can benefit people. She has embedded NLP principles into her professional and personal life, which makes her a genuine and authentic facilitator.
    Mike CockburnBusiness Owner – Sogno Ltd

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