Communicating Simplicity

Clear, concise communication is at the heart of accomplished businesses. Yet, it is so easy to misinterpret messages, leading to confusion and miscommunication, which can negatively affect relationships, motivation, and productivity.

Super skillful communicators are like mechanics, keeping the cogs oiled and the business engine primed.

The following conversation was brief yet effective, demonstrating the ease of keeping a manager’s attention flowing in a precise direction, away from the despondency and towards possibilities.

The briefing of managers had been brisk apparently, and communication had been minimal, or so it seemed. Joe reflected on his boss’s message; the economy was unsupportive, the market place was dire, and the industry was struggling.

Joe’s boss had used a sports teamwork analogy during the briefing.

“Misplaced analogy,” Joe judged over coffee. “How so?” I asked. “Didn’t really work,” he replied despondently. “What do you think was your boss’s intention in providing the analogy?” I enquired. “That we should rally the troops and work together, he tried to give us belief,” came the reply.

“So he believes things can turn around?” I asked. “Well yes he does,” Joe replied. “Do you think the intention behind the analogy was to communicate his belief that things could turn around?” I asked. “Yes, I guess so,” Joe reflected.

“And you trust and admire the beliefs of your boss?” I asked. “Yes, yes I do,” came a reply of certainty. “How motivated do you feel when your boss believes a turnaround is possible?” I enquired. “Very,” he concluded.

“So your boss’s analogy served its purpose at a deeper level than perhaps, until now, you were aware of?” I suggested. “Well I can see that now, yes,” he smiled. “What was the immediate response of the team?” I wondered. “Reorganised and refocused …” he realised.

This is a simple example of a brief chat, where one seemingly despondent manager was skillfully led to consider different views.

Do you have people like this in your workforce? Have you considered how much smoother your business engine could run? Up-skilling key communicators could be your best investment yet.

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