Created in 2010, Happy Brain was initially funded through the UK Arts Council’s Creative Partnerships. It started life as a project that brought creative workers into schools to inspire teachers and help young people learn.
The Happy Brain mission is to help children and young people to become responsible for their wellbeing through better self-management of thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. This work involves coaching children and young people as well as training their parents, teachers, and carers.

Happy Brain is a dynamic of 3 key principles:



There is a primitive part of our brain that quite simply must feel safe, secure, and have basic survival needs met before allowing us to explore and learn about the world.


We have an inner mindmap that has evolved through time and experience. Learning how to shape and modify this mental landscape is key to developing resilience.


When the more primitive parts of our brain feel safe and resilient, then we can engage the higher, thinking mind. This helps us make better decisions in all areas of life.

Happy Brain

We have developed a set of principles, practical activities, and resources that prime the brain for easier learning and smoother relationships. Happy Brain can be experienced and taught creatively in classrooms, staff rooms, training rooms, in The ME Room, within a home environment, in nature, and even alongside animals.

Teenage Stress Matters

A teenager and I were chatting about general ‘stress’ matters during our coaching session. I’ve been working to have her distinguish between useful and non-useful stress. That is, the difference between stress that she utilises to drive her, and the stress that holds her stuck….

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  • Kay has created a safe space for my son to bring up social issues that are troubling him at school, and has given him methods to manage bullying that are understandable, fun and effective for him. Kay has also worked with him to manage his feelings of anxiety and anger; one year ago he was having massive tantrums lasting 45 minutes, but now he does not have them, due to his work with Kay I have no doubt.
  • Kay has given my son strategies to improve his maths. Now he says he likes maths for the first time in his life ad has made very good progress at school. He looks forward to seeing Kay as she is fun, positive, and has a natural rapport with children. As a family, we highly value Kay’s input with our son.
  • I brought my son to see Kay and there was a massive feel of relief, and a general lightness on the way home, and in general since then there have been more giggles. The giggles have come more easily, which is lovely. He’s also just started going to sleep without music. Thank you so much Kay!
  • Kay brought enormous passion to starting the process of giving all children a happier mindset in their learning environment. She was well prepared to deliver to both staff and children. Her resources, a purposeful distillation of her vast knowledge, were carefully thought through, to allow us all to understand and allow us as teachers easy ways to take them forward once she had left.
    Sarah PiperPrimary School Teacher
  • My daughter is a different girl! She has a friend from her new school on a sleepover tonight, which is the first time in a long time. She’s more confident, happy, doesn’t let things get to her in the same way, and seems to be so much more happy in her own skin. Smiles all round and I can’t thank you enough.
  • Kay did a course with us on Resilience for University Students. I loved it! I thought it was very insightful and had useful techniques.
    BenUniversity student

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