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Hello, my name is Kay Cooke and I divide both my work and home life between Northumberland and Surrey.

The ME Group was born in 2007, initially as a partnership. Today I run it as a sole trader, working in association with other skilled professionals and organisations. 

My background is diverse and has included working in health promotion, sport & fitness, education, and the arts. In 2004, I was awarded Best Creative and Cultural Business Entrepreneur in the North East Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, for an innovative art based business.

I have trained, coached, managed, mentored, taught, and lectured – regionally, nationally, and internationally, across all three industry sectors. Teaching and learning is my life-theme!

Walking my talk means sustaining a balance of all things I love to do. Such things include: reading, learning, writing, walking, horse riding, being in nature, drawing, painting, music, spending time with family, friends and our dogs. My blog reflects these things.
Kay Cooke is a talented and inspirational entrepreneurial thinker, communicator and coach. She is also a highly influential and effective leader, and inventive and creative marketeer, and an excellent mentor and trainer. I defy anyone to spend five minutes with her and not be inspired and delighted. In addition, her courses and coaching generate positive and permanent change.
Jane PikettManaging Director

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