We believe: people never stop learning

We believe: brains constantly re-wire and re-pattern

We believe: humans are learning beings

We believe: everyone has unrealised potential

Our Mission: To optimise human potential

The Me Group offers a range of products and services that help people to think smarter, feel happier, and get better results – at work, rest, or play. We draw upon many models of psychology, philosophy, education, and science to coach, mentor, train, and facilitate people development.

My name is Kay Cooke and as the owner of this group I work independently and collaboratively with other professionals and organisations.

The Managing Excellence Group comprises:


ME Pro

Professional development

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ME Room

Personal enhancement

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Neuro Linguistic Programming

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Happy Brain

Working with children

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What do our clients say?

  • The only words that spring to mind are brilliant, relevant, appropriate, empowering and more importantly self- enlightening! If you are willing to work alongside this extremely experienced and versatile enabler then you’ll reach your journey’s destination much faster and be equipped with tools to help you through the harder times.

  • Kay is an inspiring model of excellence to learn from. Her teaching is elegant, informative, involved and captivating. The value added to my personal and professional life has been immense – thank you.

    Sally CoxonProfessional – Countrywide Lettings
  • On a few occasions I’ve asked Kay for feedback on some projects I’ve been working on (books/audiobooks/etc). Every time, she’s genuinely challenged me and improved my work. Add to this her limitless enthusiasm and she’s a delight to work with.

    Tony WrightonAuthor and TV Presenter
  • Great day, lots of learning tools to use at work. Great trainer – focused, fun and informative.
    Saima Rehman – University of East London
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